My thoughts on current Nikon, Canon, Leica and Fuji cameras and lenses

This is what I decided for my new blog to mostly be about. I thought long about this, and at the end I wanted to give something back to the community of photographers, both amateurs and professionals.

There are many good review sites out there, but none of them covers everything (which might well be impossible to do), and only few offer first-hand experience with gear they are writing about. Of course, one wants to know as many details as possible before buying a new camera or lens, but those specifications can easily be found online nowadays, so I don’t intend to restate them here on my blog. My aim is to write about the things that usually get overlooked or forgotten about, important details about the gear that not many people consider, but that can make a big difference when using the camera or lens in the field. With today’s technical specs of the cameras being so similar across different manufacturers, it is actually the ergonomics that should make you decide which camera or lens to buy. If the gear is not a joy to use on a daily basis, you are far less likely to get it out of your bag to take pictures.

Nikon, Canon and Leica are my three favorite brands right now, followed by Fuji who are trying to catch up but are not quite there yet in my opinion. In my future blog posts, I will try to cover the latest top-of-the-line cameras and lenses from those manufacturers, stating not only what I like about them, but also where they are falling short and where there are areas for improvement in future iterations. My last post serves as an example of what I intend to write about on my blog, featuring the highly anticipated Nikon D4s camera, which is still not yet released to the public, but extensively being tested during the Winter Olympics. I always aim to be very honest with my posts and not biased against any of the companies mentioned above, since I really think they are doing great work and have released some phenomenal cameras during the last years.

I hope you check back regularly or subscribe to my RSS feed. There are many posts in the making, including my thoughts on the Canon 1DX, Nikon D4s, Fuji X100, Leica M and Canon 5D Mark III cameras, as well as my favorite lenses, so stay tuned. I am happy if you find the time to write a comment to my posts, so let me know what you think and don’t hesitate if you have any questions. I will try to answer all comments personally and as soon as possible.


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